TALAKAY Elections Debate: What you missed

After a rocky start and a two-hour delay, the University Student Elections Debate organized by the Student Commission on Election kicked off with the dialogue and debate of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management Student Council (CTHMSC) candidates from Sinag Lasalyano and TATAG Lasalyano. Titled TALAKAY: The 2018 University Debate, the event consisted of […]

29 candidates unqualified due to ‘incomplete’ list of pol parties’ official members

A total of 29 candidates for the 2017 University Student Elections were declared unqualified on March 27 as they were not included in the SENTRO La Salle, Sinag political party, and RED Alliance’s official List of Members, as confirmed by Student Commission on Election (SCE) Commissioner Yna Patricia Tan. Following Article V Section 6(a)(ii), of […]