SCE to proclaim COEdSC VP, Treasurer candidates as elected officers

The Student Commission on Election (SCE) will proclaim two College of Education Student Council (COEdSC) candidates as elected officers, Mark Joseph Asoy and Hanz Tecson, after confirming that the 82 Certificate in Teaching Program (CTP) students do not fall under the undergraduate student population.

As a result, COEd’s voting population will be reduced from 495 to 413.

Upon the release of the 2017 University Student Elections’ results on May 17 stating that Asoy and Tecson failed to reach the vote of confidence, COEdSC President-elect Julius Nachor, Tecson, and several other COEd students addressed their concerns to the SCE regarding their college’s voting population.

In an article posted on the HERALDO FILIPINO’s Halalan on May 18, SCE Chairperson Jessica Maestrecampo initially said that Office of Student Services (OSS) Dean Don Malabanan confirmed with the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) that the CTP course does not fall under graduate studies, and therefore, the students remain within the voting population of COEd.

However, on May 20, Maestrecampo confirmed that, according to OSS, the argument of the COEd regarding CTP is valid. As a result, CTP will not be included in the undergraduate student population.  

Due to the reduction of the COEd voting population, the COEd 50 percent vote of confidence will also decrease from 248 to 207. As such, Asoy’s 242 votes and Tecson’s 240 votes will reach the adjusted vote of confidence, and thus become officially elected officers for next year’s COEdSC.

Moreover, Maestrecampo mentioned that the SCE will release a memo proclaiming the two COEdSC candidates on May 22, Monday.

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