USC snap election to be held on May 24

USC, CSCs’ 36 candidates failed to reach vote of confidence

After the 2017 University Student Elections resulted in another “failure of elections” as 34 Sinag Political Party and two independent candidates failed to reach the vote of confidence, the Office of Student Services (OSS) announced that a one-day snap election will be held on Wednesday, May 24.

Upon the Student Commission on Election (SCE)’s release of the election results on the morning of May 17 wherein 34 candidates failed to reach the vote of confidence leaving their positions vacant for appointment in the next academic year, the ad hoc committee convened on the evening of May 17 to resolve the situation, as permitted in Section 14, Article IX of the Student Election Code:

“In addition, if the University fails to elect any member of the University Student Council in an election because of not having the required percentage of votes, the Dean of Student Services, together with the Director of Student Development and Activities Office, and the outgoing University Student Council officers, including the legislative board, shall convene to resolve the situation.”

The ad hoc committee, as mentioned in the letter, is made up of the OSS Dean, Student Development and Activities Office Director, and outgoing USC officers and Legislative Board members who did not run in the elections.

The meeting ended with a majority vote for the decision to hold a snap election, as suggested by USC 2016-2017 President Earll Martin Cacanindin.

Moreover, an alternative option, which is to appoint officers into position, was raised which the committee voted against.

Snap Election details

The snap election will fall directly under the jurisdiction of the OSS, with SCE assisting in facilitation, as stated in the memo released by OSS Dean Don Malabanan earlier today, May 18.

The deadline of submission of requirements is tomorrow, May 19, at 12 noon in which aspiring USC candidates who were proclaimed in the previous elections need only to submit a letter of intent to rerun in the snap election while also stating that their complete and approved requirements are in the possession of SCE.

Meanwhile, candidates who were previously disqualified must submit a similar letter of intent and submit all the necessary requirements to SCE before the deadline.

Other proclaimed College Student Council (CSC) candidates who wish to run for USC must also submit a letter to OSS.

Meanwhile, campaigning is limited to only social media and flyers not exceeding the size of 1/4 short bond paper. Room-to-room campaigning, tarps, and posters are strictly forbidden.

Voting procedure

Voting will be conducted at only two polling stations—one in West Campus and one in East Campus.

The ballot forms of the snap election will differ as it will simply be a blank sheet of paper with a list of positions in USC. Thus, voters are required to write the name (full or partial) or party affiliation of the candidate they are voting for beside their respective positions.

The vote of confidence does not apply in the snap election. Instead, candidates must reach a minimum of 10 percent of the voting population (1,077 of 10,770), regardless if they run unopposed or not.

The tabulation of votes will occur from May 28 to 29 and the results will be released on May 30, the day before the last day of classes.

CSCs snap elections

The snap election is also open for other college student councils to participate in, as per Malabanan. As of press time, the College of Business Administration and Accountancy have confirmed their participation in the snap election.

Other councils without proclaimed winners include the College of Liberal Arts and Communication Student Council (CLACSC), College of Science and Computer Science Student Council (CSCS), and College of Tourism and Hospitality Management Student Council (CTHMSC). The said colleges may convene with their respective ad hoc committees regarding their decision to participate in the snap election or appoint next academic year’s officers.

However, the CTHM administration confirmed that they will not participate in the snap election. Instead, aspiring student council officers will undergo screening for appointment.

Meanwhile, the College of Criminal Justice Education confirmed their intent to hold a special election simultaneously with the USC snap election which will follow the same voting procedures as mentioned.

The College of Education and the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology will not participate in the snap election given that selected candidates in the said colleges were able to reach the vote of confidence.

Only colleges without any elected officials are permitted to participate in the snap election.

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